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Meet the Creator of TO BE 4 HEALTH

About Jonathan Fleece

Jonathan is an exciting and engaging speaker, educator, attorney and advisor booked and retained by some of America’s top brands. He brings his healthcare expertise and TO BE 4 HEALTH program to boardrooms, conference centers, auditoriums and retreats to create transformative and healthier companies.


  • Jonathan has been a focused health care and business attorney for nearly 20 years and is currently the Managing Partner of Blalock Walters, a boutique law firm in Tampa Bay Florida.
  • He also founded a health care advisory firm, New Health Age Advisors, with international futurist David Houle.
  • He excels at strategic planning, organizational change, crisis management, workforce engagement, compliance, law and special projects.

“Jonathan’s speaking, advisory and educational services are world-class. His sound advice regarding health leads to positive transformations like few professionals can deliver in today’s market. Every business, community, and individual should seek out time with Jonathan. He is a terrific person who delivers amazing results.”

Doug Van Dyke

Entrepreneur, Baby-Boomer, Health Enthusiast

My Story

I have made my life’s work based on one simple equation: Health = Happiness. My commitment to helping people, businesses and communities achieve this goal is steadfast so that individuals, and the organizations they serve, can thrive.

How the world THINKS about health is changing. How the world DELIVERS health care is changing. The ECONOMIC models driving better health are changing.

Although we have entered transformative dynamic flows of a New Health Age, more education, work and opportunities for people, businesses and communities remain. There are solutions.

Yes, Health = Happiness. Everyone would agree with that, but so few of us actually ever achieve that. Life just “gets in the way” or we “don’t know where to start” or a hundred other reasons. That’s why I started the TO BE 4 HEALTH message.

I developed TO BE 4 HEALTH programs and a philosophy of living after a successful career as an attorney specializing in the healthcare industry, and some dramatic life-changing experiences along the way.

TO BE 4 HEALTH has helped organizations, communities and individuals quite literally turn things around by redefining what good health really means. I share this message of inspiration and transformation through keynote speaking, education, consultation and advisement. And as a result, organizations advance. I help put people on the road to a healthier and happier mind, body and soul to take on the challenges of life … and succeed!

Let’s start a dialog about how my TO BE 4 HEALTH approach can make the difference in your business, your community, your family and yourself, just like I’ve been able to help many, many others like you. In fact, my own business practices TO BE 4 HEALTH and has for several years.

If you are looking to transform your company, engage your organization, and know what it’s like to possess a more powerful mind, a stronger, healthier body and a soul of contentment, TO BE 4 HEALTH can show you how.

Let’s talk.


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