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Today’s traditional perspectives of good health and health care are outdated and broken. Far too many people are discontent, unhealthy and troubled because we are not fostering supportive workplaces, communities or relationships that create maximum engagement or wellbeing. Although we have entered The New Health Age, more work needs to be done to help people and organizations THINK and DELIVER better models for achieving good health.

I founded the TO BE 4 HEALTH messages and empowerment tools to transform businesses, communities, and individuals into healthier, happier and more productive beings through speaking, advisory and educational services and platforms.

“Jonathan Fleece is a tremendous resource to guide and lead health care systems into The New Health Age. His keynote speaking inspires and his advisory services are spot on.”

Cheryl Mason, CPA, MBA

Chief Financial Officer, Regional Medical Center

Between commitment to family, career obligations and the day-to-day grind, it is no wonder that many of us put our own wellbeing too low on the priority list.  The failure to create healthy MINDS, BODIES and SOULS results in people who often lack purpose, meaning, contentment and good physical health.  I created TO BE 4 HEALTH as a vital resource for individual education, tools, coaching, and reflections that enable us to appreciate and value ourselves and to achieve greater overall health and happiness.

Too many communities are lagging behind in economic development initiatives because of unhealthy workforces and citizens. Environmental conditions are deteriorating rapidly and chronic diseases and obesity rates are climbing as health care systems, institutions and public policies are falling short of achieving effective population health.  I have dedicated nearly 20 years of my career developing effective community-wide visions, structures, collaborations and policies that foster communities TO BE 4 HEALTH.

The New Health Age is now. In order for health care systems, professionals and companies to succeed and flourish during this transformative era, each must understand and execute the new dynamic flows that are driving the historic change. The economic models of health care are transforming and how the world thinks about and delivers health care is changing. I serve at the forefront of the New Health Age, developing and implementing twenty-first century models, systems, structures and programs that lead the health care sector to success.

While most employers strive to develop a satisfied workforce, recent data reveals that nearly two-thirds of employees are disengaged in the workplace and many employees are overly stressed, unhappy and unhealthy. My passion, dedication and commitment is to reverse these trends through TO BE 4 HEALTH solutions that create a more engaged, happier and healthier workforce.

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